Acta Palaeontologica Polonica

Fauna and stratigraphy of the Uppermost Triassic and the Toarcian and Aalenian deposits in Sassenfjorden, Spitsbergen

Andrzej Wierzbowski, Cyprian Kulicki and Halina Pugaczewska

Acta Palaeontologica Polonica 26 (3-4), 1981: 195-237

Five sections of the De Geerdalen Formation (mostly the Wilhelmeya Member) and the Janusfjellet Formation (the Brentskardhaugen Bed) between Janusfjellet and Botneheia in Sassenfjorden (Spitsbergen) were studied stratigraphically and palaeontologically. The fauna of the Wilhelmsya Member indicates an uppermost Triassic age. The fauna from phosphatic nodules in the condensed Brentskardhaugen Bed is of Middle Toarcian to Early Aalenian age. Pelecypods assigned to 18 genera are described as well as ammonites representing five genera. Harpoceras kopiki Wierzbowski et Kulicki sp.n. is established.

Key words: Upper Triassic, Toarcian, Aalenian, biostratigraphy, ammonites, pelecypods, Spitsbergen.

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