Acta Palaeontologica Polonica

Middle Triassic Scleractinia from the Cracow-Silesia region, Poland

Elżbieta Morycowa

Acta Palaeontologica Polonica 33 (2), 1988: 91-121

Scleractinfan coral buildups from the Karchowice Beds (uppermost part of the Lower Muschelkalk) and from the Diplopora Dolomite (Middle Muschelkalk) of the Cracow-Silesia region were examined. Described corals comprise: three species known from literature-Coelocenia cf. decipiens (Laube), Pamiroseris silesiaca (Beyrich), Eckastraea prisca (Weissermel); four new species -Volzeia szulci, Morycastraea opoliensis, Silesiastraea weissermeli, Chevalieria tenuiseptata; and three determined as Stylophyllopsis sp., Cyathocoenia sp. and Pamiroseris sp. New genera, Eckastraea and Sileriastraea, are established. The most frequent component of coral communities appears Pamiroseris silesiaca.

Key words: Scleractinia, taxonomy, morphology, paleoecology, Middle Triassic, southern Poland.

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