Acta Palaeontologica Polonica

The genus Gothograptus (Graptolithina) from the Wenlock of Poland

Anna Kozłowska-Dawidziuk

Acta Palaeontologica Polonica 35 (3-4), 1990: 191-209

The Wenlockian retiolitid genus Gothograptus Frech, 1897 is here subdivided into subgenera Gothograptus (Gothographus) (Frech, 1987) and Gothograptus (Eisenackograptus) subgen. n. which differ in the lateral wall structure. In Gothograptus (Gothograptus), virgula in the middle of lateral wall sets in as early as in the proximal part; it is linked to the pleural lists by means of parietolateral lists. In Gothograptus (Eisenackograptus), by contrast, the lateral wall consists of parietolateral lists, whereas virgula sets in only i n the distal part. Five species are described herein, two of them new and one in the open nomenclature: Gothograptus (Gothograptus) pseudospinosus Eisenack, G. (Eisenackograptus) eisenacki Obut et Sobolevskaya, G. (Gothograptus) kozlowskii sp.n., G. (Gothograptus)
obtectus sp.n., and G. (Gothograptus) sp. A.

Key words: Graptolithina, Retiolitidae, Gothograptus, taxonomy, astogeny, Wenlock, Poland.

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